An established and pioneering centre for global business

The BVI is an internationally respected financial centre connecting markets, facilitating investment, trade and capital flow.

The jurisdiction is a world leader for excellence and innovation in financial services and an essential cog in the global economy. The BVI is committed to continue playing a leading role in delivering a responsible and effectively regulated global business environment and tackling the global problem of tax evasion and other financial crimes as part of a coordinated, balanced and meaningful process.

As a British Overseas Territory, the BVI offers all the security and stability that is traditionally associated with the British flag. It is responsible for its own self-government through a democratically elected House of Assembly.

The United Kingdom remains responsible for the BVI’s external affairs, defense, internal security, and judicial system. However, because of the BVI’s integrity and responsiveness to the interests of the financial community, together with its commitment to good governance, the British Government has devolved responsibility for the development and management of its own financial services industry.

The BVI Advantage

The balance between a strong regulatory framework that has a heritage of the highest international standards, an entrepreneurial business community, and a government committed to developing cutting edge legislation and policies, gives the BVI a number of competitive advantages, including:

  • An internationally recognised, innovative regulatory regime
  • A well-developed and professional corporate infrastructure
  • A business-friendly operating environment
  • Strong partnerships between business and government
  • Efficient company formation and administration processes
  • Enduring political and economic stability
  • An internationally renowned and respected commercial court
  • No currency controls
  • Tax-neutrality (no capital gains tax, value added tax or withholding tax, etc)
  • No secrecy laws
  • With offices in Hong Kong and London, BVI has the ability to respond to clients’ needs in real time.